Thursday, December 15, 2011

A tree adventure in London

This year we were determined to get a real tree for our flat in London since we are here for most of December. I even shipped over a ton of silver and mercury glass ornaments.
First Stop: Columbia Road Flower Market about a mile from our house, my fiance had full intentions of carrying our tree home over his shoulder. I had full intentions of claiming the largest tree on the lot. These two thoughts didn't mix well. I set my sights on a tree to which the salesman yelled out to everyone on the block that I picked the largest tree on the lot, I then relented and decided maybe that a 9' tree wasn't the best idea, but I had lots of ornaments and still needed a lot of tree real estate to handle the large baubles. So we settled on a full 7 1/2 ft. tree and luckily I was able to flag down a taxi and with the top hanging out of the side window we made it home in a few minutes.

On to the decorations...
The hardest part about decorating a tree in England is the lights are different from the U.S. and it isn't just the voltage. In the U.S. it seems all of the lights hook together so you can have endless amounts of lights on the tree plugged into one socket. Here every strand ends and they don't connect together, I was lucky to find one strand of 200 lights and it covered the whole tree.

The finished result:
My 2 favorite ornaments:

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