Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Style de Vélos

A classic mode of transportation has been making a big comeback lately and even more so over the summer months. Spandex bike shorts are no longer a requirement and with gas prices cemented at sky-high prices now is the time to jump on the bicycle bandwagon. Check out these ultimate velo indulgences:

Liberty of London created a Target bicycle first, but the Missoni bicycle caused a near panic when it debuted in stores last month and is now available for inflated prices on ebay.

I am in love with the limited edition kelly green Kate Spade bicycle from Adeline Adeline in NYC

Not ready for a permanent commitment? Most major European cities have bicycles available to rent by the hour with convenient stands set up all around to dock and undock at your convenience.

Don't get caught without a stylish helmet that could pass for a hat from Yakkay.

I also must pay tribute to one of the original designers to use the bicycle as his personal canvas, Paul Frank. His bicycles were inspired by the Southern California beach culture and are a more affordable option to some of the swankier designs above.

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