Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Donating Furniture

Shopping for new furniture and accessories is a lot of fun, but in order to avoid being on hoarders clearing out the old is a necessity. While leaving your old sofa on the street is one way to handle the situation, there are some ways to avoid trashing the old and helping out people in need who could really use some of your gently used items that may just be out of style. Here is a list of some great ways to lend a hand.

Most cities have local thrift shops working toward a local charity and these are a great way to keep your charity within your own community. I would definitely check these out first for small goods especially since many people disagree with the politics behind some of the large chains mentioned below.

Goodwill:  Great to ditch any old thing without judgement. It really is amazing what they will take. They are nationwide and easy to find which is great if you move to a new city.

Salvation Army: Similar drop off services to goodwill, and the offer a pick-up service; but they can be quite picky with the furniture they choose to pick up.

Habitat for Humanity: During a home renovation, Habitat is the best way to recycle appliances, building materials, cabinetry, etc. They are a great resource and will help save you a bundle on dumpster fees.

If charities are too picky to take your items, no doubt there is someone out there who will take it off of your hands through Freecycle.

Last but not least a selfish reason to donate is the tax write-off, so don't forget to take a tax receipt with you when you donate.

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