Monday, October 24, 2011

Color Story Monday: Colored Appliances

The colored kitchen appliance gained popularity in the 1960's when the avocado color was introduced and after that trend ended it seemed no one wanted to see color at all as everything was about white appliances in the 1980's. Today, any color goes appliance wise and it is a fun way to give a little life to the kitchen.

1. Big Chill makes a wide range of retro appliances in funky colors like mint and butter yellow, but they also have a custom color service available.
2. The La Cornue is a French tradition and the Provencal Blue or Glossy Red would make a grand statement in a neutral kitchen.
3. For a cheap and chic way to add some colorful kitchen appliances check out the Bodum line of small electrics
4. The Kitchen-Aid stand mixer is a pre-requisite for bridal registries, but go for a bold color like pear or persimmon.

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