Tuesday, May 31, 2011

China with Personality

In the midst of wedding planning there is the registry which is a designer's dream to get to select what might go on your future table top or in your kitchen. I am really bored by most of the china on the market and feel like the traditional china isn't as functional as people once thought it was. Were I to have the Queen to dinner next weekend, I might have to just splurge on some proper china. Since I don't see that happening anytime soon I am looking at table top items that fit with my everyday home style and reflect the type of marriage that I hope to have: fun, adventurous, modern, and whimsical. Here are some of the bold styles making their way into stylish registries this wedding season!
1. Kate Spade Market Street Collection
2. Diane Von Furstenberg Miro Flowers Collection
3. The Juliska Pewter Stoneware Collection
4. Vera Wang's take on traditional Wedgewood 
with the Naturals Collection
5. Rosanna dinnerware, La Vie Boho Collection

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