Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Retro Comeback: Sewing

I have decided to start a new column to run every once in a while when I spot a trend that is coming back in style. Retro Comeback will highlight everything old that is becoming new again. For my first post I am highlighting the home ec favorite sewing. Home ec classes were basically abolished from schools in the 80's and there are now a glut of twenty-somethings with no sewing skills (myself included). I have found lots of cute, trendy sewing shops popping up in major cities over the last year. Perhaps it is the economy that is causing the rush back to needle and thread or it is simply sewings turn on the comeback wheel. Check out some of these great places to pick up a new skill below...

Purl Soho: What began as a yarn store to fuel the knitting craze has turned into a fantastic needle and thread mecca in Soho. They also have some great online tutorials in their newsletter the Purl Bee.
Sew Over It: This is where I wound my first bobbin.
Ray Stitch: Part coffee shop, part haberdashery shop with lots of amazing fabrics.
Coletterie: A blog devoted to the craft with lots of tutorials, great if you get stuck on a project at home.
Sew Modern: a hip fabric shop with classes galore in West L.A.

One of my latest projects as I practice the skills that I picked up for soft furnishings at Sew Over It!

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Alana said...

If you're in Dallas, check out City Craft. It's a hip sewing boutique that caters to the younger crowd. Great modern fabrics and lots of fun classes. The owner, Callie, is great!


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