Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Story Monday: Green and Clean

Since yesterday was Earth Day, in honor of our planet here is a roundup of eco friendly products, even though these might not be green in color they will help keep our earth green for the next generation.

1. Rubie Green makes fabrics that are 100% organic cotton, made in the USA, and come in amazing patterns and colors.
2. Papier mache stool made from recycled paper and part of the Aid to Artisan program in Haiti. Caravan
3. Recycled sea glass containers from West Elm
4. My favorite cleaning products that won't harm the environment from Mrs. Meyers
5. Save on water with stone for ice cubes. Living Green
6. Paint your walls with a Zero VOC, Green Seal Certified brand that also has amazing color saturation. Yolo Colorhouse

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