Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snail Mail

The post office seems to be in an endless downward economic spiral and I hate to think of what will become of charming snail mail, holiday cards, and wedding invitations if in the next few decades la poste goes the way of the dinosaurs. Nothing makes someone’s day a little better than coming home from work to a handwritten note in their mailbox. Support your local mailman and send one of these charmers.

1. One of my favorite illustrators Julia Rothman has several cards available at Hello Lucky!
2. A nod to vintage telegrams from Paper Source
3. These are so cute, too bad there aren't 99 cards in this 99 red balloon set from Kate Spade
4. Orange Beautiful has always had some wonderful designs and this wicker set is a great nod to a design style making a comeback.
5. I'm currently obsessed with chevron stripes and this card from Ink + Wit fulfills my love of the pattern.

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