Monday, September 26, 2011

Color Story Monday: Pantone Color Preview

Pantone released its predictions for the hot colors of Spring 2012 during last week's fashion week and among the choices was a beautiful driftwood color, tangerine, lavender, and a color called margarita! Take a look at the full range below. Some seasons I think a few colors are off, but this year I am loving them all!

1. Heath Ceramics makes the most gorgeous tableware in the driftwood and starfish hues.
2. Jonathan Adler has a rug that would be fun for a girl's room combining the tangerine, solar power, and cabaret colors.
3. These Parisian Glass water goblets from Rosanna have the feminine feel in the sweet lilac and bellflower color.
4. Margarita green and driftwood combined create this retro Graham and Brown wallpaper design.
5. Mixing colored latte bowls in the kitchen on open shelving is one of my favorite inexpensive ways to bring the color of the moment into the kitchen. Anthropologie is making the perfect turquoise and navy blue colors to combine for Spring 2012.

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