Friday, March 11, 2011

Pendant Gate

The pendants shown in the photo above were the subject of much frustration in my work in late December. I really never had time to blog about it, so now you get to hear how sometimes the most simple component of a room can cause lots of headaches, but often turn out better than imagined.

We were running up on a deadline to get the Nautilus project installed and completed for January 1st. Lighting is obviously a very important part of a room for practical and in this case decorative reasons. The kitchen is really a main focal point in this house and we had selected some gorgeous glass pendants back in September to hang above the center island. They were clean, simple, ad modern which is a staple element to my style and maybe not for everyone.

December came and it was time for the pendant installation. It was clear that our electrician was not a fan of them, he even flat out told us that we needed to use something fancier. So the next day when we arrive and the electrician announces that all three pendants got broken, it seemed rather suspicious, especially when he wanted to go pick something out better for us from Home Depot! This as well as a few other problems resulted in the electrician's termination. After a few days of trying to replace the glass housing on the original pendants, we realized it wouldn't be possible. With 2 weeks till completion finding three matching pendants that fit our style and didn't need to be a special order was nearly impossible. Nevertheless, we had to push on and keep up the frantic search for the perfect pendants. We turned to one of our favorite shops Gatehouse and talked them into selling their three pendants above their cash register! They were incredibly accommodating and had their electrician take them down on the spot for us, as we were waiting and watching him take them down out of pure accident one of the glass pendants crashed down shattering on the cash register and startling a customer. No one was hurt, but we were now back to square one with pendants and we absolutely felt like a curse was placed on us. This is when I began to call the whole situation pendant gate.

At the final last moment, we found these mercury glass pendants online and they were able to overnight them to us so that a new electrician could install them. In the end, I really love these pendants and I'm happier with how they look. So no matter how down you might feel when something with a remodel isn't going your way, everything always works out in the end.

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