Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration: Moonrise Kingdom

Although the kitchen doesn't have much screen time in the movie Moonrise Kingdom, it really stuck out to me for such an amazing replica of a beach cottage kitchen from 1965. 

1. The walls in the kitchen are a buttery yellow similar to Farrow and Ball's Farrow's Cream
2. Stainless Steel Rods for hanging kitchen utensils and gadgets, IKEA
3. Butcher Block feels cozy for a beach cottage's kitchen counters, IKEA
4. Bead board painted in a baby blue lined the walls of the kitchen. The perfect blue is Martha Stewart's Living Aegean Blue
5. Shaker Cabinetry is a simple backdrop for all of the other color and details happening in the kitchen.
6. Jadeite dishes were very common for this time and you can revive this style at Fishs Eddy
7. The Big Chill stove in white 

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