Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HGTV in Print

I picked up the HGTV magazine last week for something new to read while traveling, and I actually found myself reading the entire mag cover to cover. For someone who doesn't watch HGTV, I found this to be quite a feat! There is a survey in the latest issue that tests how handy you are around the house and apparently I must keep candy in my toolbox. This made me feel really inept as a designer, but upon further study of the quiz I found that many of the questions involve home problems unique to cold weather climates and things that don't affect apartment dwellers. Being a 3rd generation Southern California girl I am not surprised to find out that I don't know how to avoid freezing pipes. Also, where should you store your propane tank in the winter? In California we use it year round of course! One thing I did know being from California is that a homeowner's policy will not cover earthquake damage, but it will cover tornadoes. All of these things are just part of being an adult and learning how to deal with shelter problems throughout your entire life.

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