Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Food Fanatics

I had the pleasure of being the guest photographer at a Food Styling Workshop in LA a couple of weekends ago. It was so exciting to hear the myths busted about what is real and what is fake on a food shoot! Turns out none of the food used in photo shoots ends up being edible but not because the food is fake. In reality the food, it all real just not usually cooked thoroughly or allowed to sit out at hot temperatures for hours at a time. I seem to excel in making a salad, while the burger and cherry pie did not come out looking so hot!

One thing that does tend to be fake, is the ice cream and we got to scoop plenty of it practicing the perfect scoop.

Another iconic food shot that we got to see in real life was the pizza pull. It turns out that the secret is string cheese! I am hoping to expand my food portfolio for stock with all of these new found tips and who knows even work on my own cookbook one day!

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